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Render MPEG-2 1080p50 50p video in HQ Sat, 31 January 2015 03:40
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Unfortunately it seems that most professional video editing software have problems rendering the 50p format. It seems that the 50p is simply disabled; currently a bit out of normal standards. Sony Vegas 13 simply refuses to select this frame rate, and so do TMPEnc. My estimate is that this will change in future.

What is 50p ?
The normal video frame rate is 25p for 25 full frames each second, or 50i for 50 half frames/second. The 50p format, with 50 full frames/second, is an obvious extension and highly recommended for intermediate work during editing. The problem is to render 50p output video.

Render 50p using Bigasoft video converter !
First, we need an intermediate 50p video rendered from the video editing software. I use AVI Intel IYUV 1920 1080 50 frames/second. This video format import and export across products and version. Prepare yourself for about 600GB/hour file size.

I then convert this to MPEG-2 using the following magic settings:
Select HD-video; MPEG-2 PS video
Settings Advanced

Video Size 1920 1080 HD
Bitrate 30000K
Frame Rate 50
Same Quality True
2-pass True
Encode Mode VBR
Pixel format yuv422p or yuv420p for 4:2:2 or 4:2:0 video
GOP 30
dc 10

I intend to build an MKV file using a separate audio track, so I don't include audio.

On my LG TV dc 10 and GOP 210 and yuv420p works well. The yuv422p is not supported possibly due to a hardware picture decoder. There is absolutely no problem with a 35000b/s bitrate.

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