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Welcome the September Clues

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Critical remarks on the September Clues

  1. The film take the approach to analyse the 9/11 (2001) videos, as all other evidence was destroyed. We now understand that some of this evidence simply did not exist in the first place, the hoax was larger than anticipated when the September Clues film was produced. A physical analysis simply from the fairy-tale has proved to be productive.
  2. We now know that the archive photos was fake, and very likely was the broadcast different in some regions, such as in N.Y. city area. Especially the time-line 8:45 - 10:30 is interesting.
  3. The film start with a comparison between pictures, and the studio commentary. Some researchers now think that the studio commentary is fake as well. The advantage with that would be that the entire broadcast, pre-recorded, could be shown for a test audience, to check and improve on the psychological impact.
  4. Testimony from David Handschuh; this cannot be confirmed. No independent witnesses was allowed.
  5. The "Live" takes was likely not shown in N.Y. Only the "Fox 5" "International shot" was broadcast to other countries.
  6. The "nose out shot" remain an unbelievable hoax. The description that follows has been abandoned. No one longer think that some video-editing, from a take from a helicopter, was used in the production. Simon has been clear on this point.
  7. THE MISSILE, that is actually somewhat supported using official accounts, is nowadays thought to be a conspiracy injected by the authors of the script.
  8. That the picture blacks out for a few frames is a psychological trick to increase the impact of the material, an no one think that there was any "supervisor" who attempted to cover up any mistake.
  9. The nose-out is missing the plane on the initial wide shot. The entire take is a fake.
  10. The "nose-out" is also a component in supporting the myth that the Towers where empty inside, built without any core columns. The nose-out should be seen as a part of the "pancake" collapse conspiracy.
  11. The "ball" or the No-Plane shot with an Orb, was likely to provide a saucer for a conspiracy with flying saucers and space-aliens. If you believe in that. Here it is!
  12. That the TV anchors are left without any good plane shot, is likely to protect the TV stations from direct involvement in the fakery. It is important that the broadcast is believed to be genuine. This is a fall-back position.
  13. A "private" VHS tape with a missile; this is clearly also a fake, due to an argument around the physics of the impact, the fire-ball, and so on. This was produced in support of a "missile" conspiracy. Note that this shot contradict the "Plane" theory. Unfortunately, the September Clues included this in support of a "missile" theory.
  14. The no-plane-shot is also known for the fixed camera position, approx 500m above street level. Note that also the backdrop, on a sunny day, is not real.
  15. The Pentagon part, of 9/11 story, is really stupid. The "September Clues" illustrate this. The video, of a Pentagon with smoke+ etc., is likely also a complete hoax. I strongly doubt that there where any damage to the building. You merely rent scaffolding and a crane, put it up and say: Repair in progress!
  16. Jamie Mc Intyre confirm a Plane; this is to create a fall back position.
  17. The Shanksville "Plane", foundation for the "Flight 93" movie, don't rank very high on the credibility scale. (The film is also bad.)
  18. We all completely agree that the amateur shots are a Hoax.
  19. Some of the amateur shots have additional video errors, not shown in September Clues. The number of serious errors that has been found, is so high that it is difficult to list them all.
  20. That "Mrs Ginny Carr" recorded any sound on a Dictaphone is not correct. The sound is built up in the same way as the Naudet audio, but the echo delay is different. None is real!
  21. Simon now compare with a real missile impact. However, to improve the show, the missile likely impacts on a target including one or two barrels of petrol/oil. It is not a fair comparison.
  22. There was never any missile, so no one could ever have taken any video of it.
  23. That the TV have "witnesses", and they all work in the TV industry, is likely to support a conspiracy that the TV stations actually where a part of the hoax.
  24. Vince Cellini: "...the Miss- Plane made contact", this is to further support a Missile Theory.
  25. Dick Oliver never interviewed any one at street level; these cuts are fake. This was to support that there where people at street level, and that those people saw things or heard sounds.
  26. The seismic sound data is likely also a fabrication. It can in any case not come from a plane impact: for acoustic reasons as well as there cannot have been any Planes on the 9/11 event.
  27. The 17 second delay between the Don Dahler "bee-beep" and the "Plane" impact is likely constructed only to support various questions and conspiracies. Now, when it is established that the entire broadcast is a hoax, it doesn't matter much what was in it. The 17 second analysis is enough to discredit these videos. The Don Dahler's book-slam and door-close count well on the fantasy scale. Some one has had a lot of fun!
  28. The idea of a single command centre, well, as an outlet for the fake video.
  29. The blackout of local TV stations: I don't have any direct evidence of this. It has been pointed out that the feed from satellite TV was also likely disrupted or the broadcast changed, locally over N.Y. city. The advantage of this: if you can hold the news locally, it may be possible to take down the Towers before any one realise that there is something wrong. You don't have to mess with any show for the local audience (on the street).
  30. "The Grade-9-copper-5, anybody on" is likely inserted to frame the Military. This lead to conspiracies with "future" weapons and the Military.
  31. It is easy to agree that the pictures are just awful. The strange colours of the 9/11 broadcast, especially the "Live" TV broadcast, is likely made to introduce confusion about the weather/photo conditions. The actual weather conditions in N.Y. on the 9/11 day, has so forth not been established.
  32. The "LIVE-EDT World-Trade..." take is discredited on own merits. This is the one used by FOX 5.
  33. There is nothing to support any extra "explosions". But in the video material, there is plenty of strange things that occurs.
  34. In case the "international shot" "mask edge"-evidence seems weak, you may compare the background at both sides of the Towers. The "Explosion" also occurs on the wrong side of the WTC-II Tower.
  35. The detailed de-construction of the "amateur" clips still holds. But the "Missile" must go. Rather, the "real event" consists of a scale model, where an artificial explosion is captured from different angles, one for each view angle. The explosion is then edited into videos/photos of the Towers.
  36. Simon show the no deacceleration on impact for the Even Fairbanks video. This is enough to kill the Even Fairbanks video. Deacceleration has, so forth, not been observed in any 9/11 video.
  37. The Ghostplane; the most discredited video. This is Simon's version. (No "charges" or "missiles"!)
  38. The synchronised "explosions" elsewhere + WTC-I Tower; it simply is there, but the video is a fake. Note that small "mistakes", like this, can be used to support various conspiracies.
  39. In Scott Myers clip: to see how the "explosion" from the Tower was manufactured I refer to Fullspeed_911_Tufa_2010_DVD_8000k, where you will also see "the bite" that someone took from the Tower.
  40. The VH1 shot has actually been re-broadcast on Swedish TV.
  41. The time of the WTC-7 collapse is unknown. As we have only fake video to refer to, this cannot be established by video analysis.
  42. We absolutely -- no longer think that the Nose-Out shot is real photo from a helicopter.
  43. The comparison between a "JASSM test" and the WTC-II fire-ball, don't go, as the JASSM missile evidently ignite a large amount of fuel, intentional positioned on target to impress the audience. If you don't have added fuel, you see absolutely nothing.
  44. The gash in the Towers are not possible to implement using planes or missiles. The gash was made, in advance, in a studio and possibly using a model, or equivalent digital editing means. It is simply a fake.

The September Clues Video is warm and nice, and work fairy well, if the point above on the "Missile" is kept in mind!

I would like to add criticism about using "The Live Shots" as any kind of evidence. We now understand that these may not have been broadcast, and locally over New York this was almost certainly the case. To further clarify on this point I would like to obtain a genuine and unedited tape over the U.S. broadcast. When The Towers have "fell", and no-one can obtain any reference photos, the broadcast may be genuine.
The problem with the sept-clues line of thought is that Real and burning towers (smoke generators) must explain why there are no private photos. Speculating into electromagnetic mysticism do not add credibility.

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with German subtitles !


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with Slovak subtitles !


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Simon have released this "addon":
From_internet\SEPTEMBER CLUES addendum CHAPTER1.flv

... Simon ends by proposing that electronic jamming would be the reason why we have only fake-video, and no real video of the Spt-11 event. This electronic jamming don't work, for a number of reasons, and I have proposed a combination of smoke and psychological effects as an alternative (also speculative) explanation model to why we don't have any Real Photos from the Sept-11, 2001.

Note that not a single jpg have surfaced, we don't even have east-cost material enough to establish the idea that it was a "bright sunny day"...
If you read this, and happens to live in the east cost area, PLEASE KINDLY send real photos OF ANY KIND INDISCRIMINATELY if you have them. Use the snail-mail to post them here. Be intentionally vague when describing the contents of the letter.

We are specially interested in blurred images of some smoke-cloud, or whatever there might be on your picture. WARNING! I do promise you, any Fake will be spotted. The knowledge on the Sept-11 event is so high, that it is not possible to fool anyone with fake pictures any more.

That is, of course, a good thing!
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