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The Money Hoax is a very large hoax, and every one believe in it; the same kind of money is used in all parts of the world:

  • The MONEY is believed in, independent of religious believes.
  • The MONEY is believed in weather you are a criminal, a police man, or an ordinary citicen.
  • The same kind of MONEY is used in ALL countries; muslim countries, imperialist countries, and communist countries, independent of political point of view.
  • The MONEY is protected by law; it is illegal to perform work according to any other principle.

why we are in this situation and why the truth hasn't gotten out.txt

Our dollars is no different then play money such as monopoly the board game. Anything can be used as money and this video will prove that. These are debt money they are not circulated as free, no interest. They are interest bearing to enslave the poor and make those who control money extremely wealthy.

Those who create money out of nothing can print any amount for themselves why do they taxes the citizen and make them pay interest? Very simple, to keep the poor poorer and have them work very hard to make meets end. Please understand that most people today are not intelligent. My coworker believes that most are intelligent I laughed and she gets offended. Women are not suppose to work at all if we had a freely circulated debt free money system. Today's women think they are free but are very busy rarely have time to tend to their children, are stressed, easily angered and often divorce their spouse to find a better man who can make as much or more money.

I am sorry if what I say offends women but we live in a fuckup society and if none of us speak up then the world is going to continue to get worse. Such as children being brainwashed in school, no longer respects parent they feel they have been betrayed and wonder why do parent spend all the time to make money instead of sometime to be together.

We have all sorts of family bickering, brokeup and disagreement

The truth will astonish you, just because you can read and write does not make you intelligent if you are taught a lie what good does that do? At this time of writing parent and me are arguing over money matters nothing else. This is ridiculous and we should all be a ashame of ourselves for turning ourselves into selfish hypocrites self centered care nothing else except making more money and disliking those who are poor or poorer. Most respect those who are super wealthy but do not know how they get so rich and think they are much more clever then us guess what? Wrong.

We do not have time to think nor have any freetime, all our time is used to make money for our own survival or needs. The society sucks and they don't know that. I loathe my brother, sister, aunts, relative because they loathe me for not doing what they want me to do and that is to work for them or do what they say because they make more money then I. We have turned love into hatred due to money problems or lack of thereof. We hate those who are poor or homeless because we think they are lazy or don't like to work. You who think like this are heartless bastard who will only understand when you become jobless, homeless yourself. Stop judging others. Stop being so cruel to one anothe. Stop letting money destroy others life and do something to help others. Stop being self. Most are pissed as hell they would run me over with a car if someone paid them a thousand dollars or a few thousand thousands to do it and be able to get away with it.

This is just an analogy so don't take it personally. Fuck the mass idiots don't let them believe whatever and continue to argue with these fools until they lose their cool. Seriously they are cowards, overfed, and care nothing about others except their own benefits. This is not a hate speech its a rant to get many to see the other side of the coin.

... he seems to be rather upset; quote from The moon landing is a hoax or faked proof+secrets to money

We also note that one Hoax is as good as the other; by securing one hoax, another is also protected.

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Short Introduction to the Money Hoax

  1. The Government does not create nor issue money. Banks create and issue all our money.
  2. Coins and currency are not money-just tokens. Our money is bank credit in the
    form of bank deposits.
  3. Banks do not lend cash, currency-coins or bills. They do not lend their own capital, surplus or profits. Not their depositors' deposits; nor their own credit; nor the nation's credit. Period.

    Bankers do not lend money or anything; they only buy notes (your note), mortgages, bonds, securities, money, or other investment obligations; and they pay for them with bank credit in the form of new bank deposits which they create at the time they make the purchase.
    In a hearing in Congress, in February, 1943, Cong. Wright Patman asked Marriner S. Eccles., Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, ". . . the U.S. Bonds ($20,000,000,000) the banks hold today - they created the money to buy those bonds, did they not?"
    And Mr. Eccles replied, "The banking system as a whole creates the (bank) deposits as (at the time) they make loans and investments, whether they buy Government bonds, or whether they buy utility bonds, or whether they make farmers' loans.."
  4. Strictly speaking the term "Bank Deposits" is erroneous. You have "Bank Credits," and they were created by the banks at the time they bought your note or any other investment obligation. Nothing was deposited, therefore there could not be bank deposits.
  5. You do not have cash, coins and bills, on deposit. You own only the cash in your possession. You bought it from the bank, paying for it with bank credits to your account. You do not deposit cash in the bank. You sell the cash back to the bank, and it pays for it with new bank credits.
    Quoting from the booklet, "The Federal Reserve System - Its Purposes and Functions," published in May, 1939, by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System; "Treasury currency . . . is placed in circulation through Federal Reserve Banks, the Banks giving the Treasury credit in its chequeing account for the amount. The Reserve Banks keep a large stock of cash on hand, principally Federal Reserve notes which are their own (private corporation) liabilities, printed by the Government at the expense of Reserve Banks (30c per $1,000). There are two principal ways by which any individual gets bills and coins. Either he draws it out of his bank and has it charged to his account (buys it); or he is paid for his labour, his services, or his goods with money that has been drawn out of a bank (bought) by some one."
  6. There is no gold standard. There never was. All of it was a hoax. We have no standard, measure of the value of money, the dollar. It is a private corporation dollar with no substance of value behind it. It is just a bank credit transferable by cheque wherewith customers of banks make the great bulk of their monetary payments. Its value as with spuds is based on supply "on the market." Cheap money as with cheap spuds indicates glutted market.
  7. The terms Bank Reserves, Bank Credits, Re-discount, etc., are fictitious ponies bankers stable as ringers. They are figments of bankers' imagination, 'funds' that banks are empowered to create. The act of creation is one giving the promises of banks in exchange for your note or some other investment obligation. See page 85 of the Reserve booklet.
  8. Proof that all you know about money and banking is false is found on pages 39-40 of Reserve booklet:
    "The aggregate deposits in the banking system as a whole represent mainly funds lent by banks or paid by banks for notes, mortgages, and other forms of investment obligations. It may seem that it should be the other way round - that bank loans and investments would be derived from bank deposits instead of bank deposits being derived from loans and investments (well, bankers have told you that they loan their depositors' deposits, haven't they?); and it is true that deposits would not grow out of loans (and investments) if currency were to be used by the public for monetary payments to the exclusion of bank deposits transferable by cheque. But as it is, the public in general prefers to have its monetary funds, including what it borrows, on deposit in banks rather than in the form of currency in its own possession. The result of this preference is that the proceeds of loans (and investments) go on deposit to be disbursed by cheque, and aggregate deposits are increased. . . . a bank's purchase of investments, i.e., notes, mortgages, bonds, etc., is an extension of credit just as loans do."
    On page 55: "Loans and purchases of securities by the Federal Reserve authorities are one of the important sources of member bank reserves; member bank reserves in turn are the basis of member bank credit; that is, of the loans and investments of member banks. And member bank credit is a source of the bank deposits transferable by cheque wherewith business men and other persons make the bulk of their monetary payments."
    On page 56: "The reserves which member banks are required to maintain are only a fraction of their deposits (ranging from 5% to 25%). Suppose banks were required to maintain 20% and that they had 20% and no more. Then if their deposits were to be increased by $500,000,000, they would have to have their reserves increased by $100,000,000. Accordingly, $100,000,000 of Federal Reserve bank credit obtained by the purchase of securities by the Federal Reserve authorities would increase their reserves sufficiently to enable the banks to expand their own credit by $500,000,000," and this would enable them to make loans and buy securities to the amount of $500,000,000, which would increase the bank deposits $500,000,000."
    On page 85: "Federal Reserve Bank credit, under the law, has a limited and special use-as a source of member bank reserve funds. It is itself a form of money. It does not consist of funds the Reserve authorities GET somewhere in order to lend, but constitutes funds that they are empowered to CREATE." To create is to bring substance out of a void, out of nothingness.

This is how it works, independent of in which country you live in.
This was from PDF(p25) The Legalized.Crime.of.Banking, Silas, Walter, Adams 1958
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